Hi there, and welcome to the new website of JDB Computing.


We offer high quality, low cost IT services to the Leicester and Leicestershire area, dealing primarily in laptop, desktop, and mobile phone repairs.


While we do not maintain a retail storefront, we do have a reasonably central drop off location (in between Fosse Park and Leicester City Centre) with a dedicated workshop.

With over ten years of experience repairing and building computers and other electronics, you can be sure we will arrive at the best solution for your particular problem.



Virus Removal


Viruses, malware, spyware and adware are a growing problem today, and one that most people will encounter at least once.

Whether you’ve installed a ‘dodgy’ problem or just visited a hacked website, we can help. Included in our virus removal package is a tuneup, which will increase the speed of your computer.

Deep Clean


We offer a deep clean service, which means we clean out your computer system thoroughly, increasing its effective lifespan by avoiding heat buildup.

If your computer or laptop is constantly crashing, heat may be the problem. Let us find out!

Computer and Hardware Setups


Whether you need an entire computer building, or one you’ve bought from a shop setting up, we can help – from remote supportĀ to visiting your premises and physically connecting the computer.



We offer a no fix, no fee repair service, and always give you a free quote before any repairs start.

We do not charge any money on top of the price of parts, and show you an exact price, along with our labour charges.

Data Recovery


We can recover deleted information, data, and files from your computer.

Lost an important piece of work? We offer emergency data recovery on a 24 hour callout. Noone will ever need to know :)

Contacted IT Work


We can offer your business the ability to have a dedicated IT solution, without hiring or training any new members of staff.

We are available 24 hours a day on contract – see our Contracts page for more details.

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